About the Ranch


The Crowley Ranch

The ranch was established in the late 1800's by Winfield Young. It was, and still remains, to be a working cattle operation. We are the fifth generation to work the ranch and strive to continue to maintain its reputation for producing quality cattle.

My grandpa Bill Young and his wife Una were the third generation to work the ranch. Grandpa was born and raised on the ranch leaving only to serve his country in the WWII War. He had the reputation of an excellent cowman and a hard worker. Still today many stories and memories are shared about his natural ability with cattle, his work ethic, and of course his willingness to help anyone out when needed. He maintained a very good set of Hereford cattle until the late 1980's when he switched to angus cattle. From their he built one of the best commercial angus cow herds around.

After My grandpa lost his battle with cancer my Parents Ted & Barb Crowley took over the ranch. They have continued to raise excellent angus commercial cattle and are carrying on the tradition of being a working ranch. Both are very hard workers and are the main reason that four families are able to survive on one ranch. They to have earned a reputation of raising good cattle, working hard, and helping others when opportunity presents itself.

Currently with the help of all of the aforementioned people and more my wife and I are building a registered angus herd that's striving for a reputation like the ranches commercial herd. Not only are we trying to raise good cattle but also want to be known as our parents and grandparents as very good character people. We both grew up on ranches and try to install everything we have learned from our parents and grandparents into our cattle herd. With the continued help of family and friends hopefully the ranch will remain a working ranch for years to come.