About Us

L to R: Todd/Una, Teddy/Sara, Ted/Barb, Clint/Jacy

Left to Right: Todd & Una, Teddy & Sara, Ted & Barb, Clint & Jacy

Clear Creek Angus is a family operation nestled away in the rugged Bear Paw Mountains approximately 35 miles south of Chinook MT. All ranch work is done from within the family. Myself and my wife (Teddy and Sara Crowley) are the owners of Clear Creek Angus but could not succeed without the help of family and friends. My parents (Ted & Barb Crowley) operate the commercial herd which consists of 650 mother cows and 400 yearlings. Todd and Una Ford (brother and Law sister) are the owners of treasure state quarter horses and help out with all aspects of ranch work. Clint & Jacy Crowley own and operate Clear Creek Hunting Adventures as well as help with all ranch work. For the ranch to maintain four families we have to be diverse and work together.

Clear Creek Angus began in 2002 when we purchased our first registered cows from Elmose Angus and Leachman Angus. From there, Sara and I have built our herd up to just over 100 head of mother cows. We have been offering bulls and females for sale by private treaty and had our first bull sale in March of 2009. Our goal is to continue to grow but not become so big that we can't handle the workload or get so each cow is just a number. We like to know our cattle and answer our customers questions honestly with confidence in our answer and our cattle.

Our cow herd has been built from purchasing cows with desirable traits off the top end of dispersion sales and by retaining only our best heifers. Our cows must have good feet and legs to travel the mountains with the highest point being 6000 feet above sea level. Along with structure our herd must possess femininity, volume, good disposition, and the ability to wean a heavy calf with no help except what mother nature provides. By striving to achieve these goals we feel confident customers will be satisfied and will see a difference in their cow herd as well.

All bull calves are raised and remain on the ranch from birth until sale day. The calves are raised on mothers milk, grass, and mineral. No creep feed is used, by doing this we are able to dispose of females who are not doing an adequate job. After weaning the bulls are fed a high roughage ration, which promotes growth and structure to help them remain sound throughout the breeding season. We feed the calves twice a day by hand. This allows us to be around the bulls frequently and get to know of any disposition problem or sickness. We feel by feeding this way it greatly helps our customers as the bulls are use to people and become easier to handle. We strive for our bulls to be thick, deep ribbed, structurally sound while maintaining positive carcass traits. We are confident our cattle will add performance and good maternal characteristics to any herd they go to.

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